Optimal solutions for pallet loading / case design problems



Important Information.

At various places on the packyourpallet website we emphasize the need for pallet loading software to produce both a wide range of different layouts for a given case (to help ensure stackability / stability), and that the layouts produced and solutions adopted should be optimalThirty-five years of research has resulted in the wide range of optimal solutions produced by PALLETMANAGER. The complexity of what on the surface is a simple problem (the loading of identical cases in layers on a pallet) does mean that the end user cannot possibly judge the quality of solutions produced for any particular problem. If a solution provides (say) 96% pallet fill are you always sure that there is not a better solution available? A page discussing the pallet loading problem in more detail can be accessed here.

Below we illustrate examples from two 'competitors' of the best solutions they can achieve for particular problems and the optimal solutions for these problems achieved by PALLETMANAGER.

Another software product.

8 Cases / layer - 88.23% efficiency


9 Cases / layer - 99.26% efficiency

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Another software product.

33 Cases / layer -  96.25% efficiency.


34 Cases / layer - 99.17% efficiency


However there is yet another factor to consider. 

If your cases size is fixed then the layout providing the best number / pallet will be your optimal choice (assuming stackability requirements are met). However if you are building up a case from primary products your costs of distribution are a combination of (a) the cost of making the cases and (b) the logistics costs associated with pallet storage and movement. 

The costs (sq. m of board) of manufacturing a case of a given (fixed) internal volume can vary by 30% or more depending upon its actual dimensions. This means that fitting the most product on a pallet will NOT necessarily be the most cost effective solution. PALLETMANAGER will automatically consider such trade-offs for you in presenting and ranking results.

The above diagrams are just two examples showing how important the best solution algorithms are to software tackling problems in this area. In addition PALLETMANAGER provides a range of very powerful and unique 'what-if' and sensitivity analysis tools actioned with a single click of the mouse which have frequently saved users £10,000 - £20,000 / year on single product lines.