We are keen to ensure that clients purchase those modules which they realistically need for their business, and the highly modular nature of PALLETMANAGER does mean that we can closely tailor PALLETMANAGER to meet these needs. You should also be aware that there are palletisation products in the market place which do NOT maximise the number of cases fitted / pallet!  The GOAL website details the International expertise of our staff in this area. The modules available include:

PALLETISE: The 'base' module forming part of all installations. Optimal palletisation of existing case sizes (or drums) onto a pallet, including facilities to manipulate the layouts produced, examine the influence of adding / reducing layers, reducing the number of cases / layer and investigation of the influence of pallet overhang / underhang. Production of three palletisation reports for on-screen / printer output. This module also includes the PALLET COMPARE function to compare performance on 2 different pallets.

COLLATION: Allows the development of cases from primary products and the automatic investigation of alternate collation arrangements on packaging and distribution costs. Includes the analysis of packaging material suitability (strength) for a particular problem. Includes a 'case match' facility to identify existing cases similar to that being generated for a new product. Following on from this the full range of PALLETISE functions are available.

TERTIARY: Takes the analysis of collation one stage further back - collating a number of products together to form a sales unit, and then collating this again to form a case.

CUBE: Considers the packing of boxes / totes with product, including the identification of which exisiting boxes / tote is most suited to holding a given product.

DO BETTER:  A unique and highly powerful tool enabling you to see instantly how minor dimensional changes could improve your load fill - without necessarily loosing product volume.

FIXED VOLUME: Powerful dimensional optimisation tools to automatically answer 'what-if' / 'how can I' questions.

STORE: A database facility which holds user specifications for re-call / re-printing of specifications or re-calculation of specifications in the light of product / packaging changes.

WEBBASE: This allows you to store all your palletisation specifications on a web / intranet server or on a CD for access by others using simply their web browser.

E-PALLET: Extends the output options of any of the above to include the production of Adobe PDF reports and linking this to your standard (MAPI) email system (e.g. Outlook).

Please contact us to discuss your business requirements and we will be pleased to advise you on your software needs.

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